Free vs. Premium AppBlock features on Android

Features comparision Premium Free
Allowlist feature
Unlimited number of Schedules
Limit of 3 Schedules
Unlimited number of blocked apps and websites in Schedules
Limit of 5 blocked Apps + 5 Websites/Keywords in Schedules
Pause feature in Schedules
Unlimited number of intervals in Schedules Time condition
Limit of 2 intervals in Schedules Time condition
Unlimited usage limits in Schedules
Usage limits for maximum of 30 minutes in Schedules
Unlimited Launch count in Schedules
Limit of Launch count: max 15x/per day in Schedules
Unlimited Quick Block
Limit of 3 blocked Apps + 3 Websites/Keywords in Quick Block
Quick Block Timer
Quick Block Tile
Available 'Add newly installed apps' feature
Unlimited Strict Mode (all available options and access conditions)
'Follow Schedules' access condition on Strict Mode not available
Limit of 24 hours for Timer on Strict Mode
Extension of timer unavailable
Different designs of AppBlock logo
Blocking in-app purchases
Blocking of unsupported browsers