Other possible causes

Other possible causes

  1. FORCE CLOSING THE APP: In case you force close the app, alarms won’t ring either. In this case it is necessary to restart the app in order to reschedule alarms. This may also happen if you are using task killer software or automated backup software.
  2. EMPTY BATTERY: Another reason may be that the device did run out of battery before the alarm time. To prevent this, we recommend putting the device into the charger for sleep tracking or increasing the battery level when we leave the phone on stand-by. Configure this in Settings → Sleep tracking → Stand-by.
  3. CRASH: On specific ROMs it may happen that the application crashed during sleep tracking which may also result in missed alarm. In general, features which are known to be sensitive for crashing on exotic firmwares include: wake up with light, noise recording, screen dimming. You may want to try to disable those features.

If none of the cases above apply to You, please send us a debug report (menu → report a bug) as soon as possible after you realise the alarm did not ring.


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