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AppBlock is a mobile application that lets you block annoying apps & websites, bringing down your screen time and helping you focus on more important things.

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What can AppBlock do for you?

Key Features

Quick Block

Activate AppBlock's Quick Block to instantly shield yourself from distracting apps and websites with a single tap

Blocking schedules

Design your productivity routine by setting custom schedules, ensuring specific apps and sites are blocked during your most crucial hours.

Strict mode

Stay committed to your tasks with AppBlock's Strict Mode, offering varying levels of strictness to keep you on track and prevent slip-ups.


Gain insights into your digital behavior with detailed usage statistics, helping you identify and overcome frequent distractions.

Parental control

Empower safe digital exploration with AppBlock's Parental Control. Set boundaries, block inappropriate apps & sites, and ensure your child's online safety.

Be Productive

Unlock your full potential with AppBlock's Be Productive feature. Eliminate digital distractions, focus on what truly matters, and achieve your daily goals with ease.

About App

Why appblock?

Helps with your phone addiction

Be productive!

Boost your productivity with AppBlock! Say goodbye to procrastination and distractions. With our tailored blocking features, focus on what truly matters and transform your phone into a powerful productivity tool.

Get more free time

Reclaim your precious time with AppBlock. Don’t let endless notifications and apps steal your moments. Ensure quality time with loved ones and engage in meaningful activities, all while keeping digital distractions at bay.

Digital wellbeing

Prioritize your digital health with AppBlock. While technology is indispensable, it’s essential to use it mindfully. Let AppBlock guide you towards healthier digital habits, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling digital life.


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App rating


"Great app, but I have 2 suggestions: 1. to be able to create a shortcut desktop (widget) for the QuickBlock. 2. to be able to block notification on Gm... "

Syreen B

"Tik Tok is taking over my life. This is helping me regulate it. thanks! "

pranjal srivastava

"By this app i block the app that is so distracting me for my study and by this app i save my so much time for my study for my better future "

Emi Jati Praja

"good app thank you, made me more productive "

Khaja Arjani Ahamed

"This has been an extremely useful app for me. Works very well in terms of how it claims to work. "

Antonios' Channel

"perfect method to humiliate Ur procrastinating self "

Stefan Geyer

"After technical hiccups with the playstore everything seems working again. My last review assumed bad faith in the App authors which was not valid. Th... "

habiba Abd El sattar

"It is amazing for you to study on your mobile without being distracted with other applications But it is Ridiculous that you can't block more than 3 a... "

Viduni Keerthisinghe

"Useful to get rid of my whatsapp and instagram addiction "

Katherine Lauck

"This app does the thing you want for free. Has effectively curbed my late night YouTube habit!!! "

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