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AppBlock is a mobile application that lets you block annoying apps & websites, bringing down your screen time and helping you focus on more important things.


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What can AppBlock do for you?

Key Features

Quick Block

Select the apps to block and start blocking them with one click.

Be Productive

AppBlock is an app blocker, website blocker and notification blocker… all in one! What do you want to block?

Blocking profiles

Adjust the blocking rules based on time, your location and more…


Track phone usage statistics to see your progress on Android devices.

Strict mode

It will prevent you from changing the rules and bypassing the app on Android devices!

Parental control

Block apps and websites you don’t want your kids to use and limit their screen time.

About App

Why appblock?

Helps with your phone addiction

Be productive!

We will help you stop procrastinating and instead become productive! Thanks to AppBlock, you will be able to block websites, applications or notifications that distract you and stay focused on the things that are actually important. Learn to use your phone as a tool for better productivity!

Get more free time

Too busy to do anything? Keep missing deadlines? How so? We will help you get back the time spend on the phone! AppBlock will ensure you enjoy your offtime with your family and friends or doing things that matter to you.

Digital wellbeing

Can't even imagine life without your phone? There is no need to do that, but you should consider how you use it and focus on the useful aspects. AppBlock will show you how and help you out!


So much love!






App rating

Pavithran Sathish

"So much useful...Saves a whole bunch of time"

Nicoletta Olivati

"Useful and very flexible, it is possible to set everything according to our necessities. Good job!"

Bird of passage

"Thank you guys. its saving my time."

Vahid Rafiyi

"the best app for staying focus on important tasks"

Jon Rance

"This app is really amazing. I can concentrate more during work hours. Do you want to be productive? download this app! 5 stars to you AppBlock!"

Andrea R

"it is doing its job 😭"

Erica Fahrlender

"Fantastic tool when willpower is low and temptation is high. Really helps me be more mindful of my time and avoid distractions or excessive use of social media. Helpful for ..."

Joel Williams

"Does the job, free version has a limit to how many apps you can block at once. A well made app though"

Aaron Larkin

"The internet made me feel bad so I blocked it. Now I feel good."

sahil kumar

"It is ver useful Application."

Niladri Mallik

"Helps me a lot in staying away from social media and YouTube."


"If you truly struggle with self control and social media usage / dopamine addiction this app is excellent. I highly recommend paying. I paid so I can put strict mode ..."

summaya jamil

"This is the best app ever no review needed"

Peter Buyukliev

"Great app, really appreciated the paid version. Feature request: have an option for the app to display a pop-up on every hour (or X minutes) I've spent on my phone ..."

Serge Epishan

"Saves me from procrastinating like a mf"

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Best App Block Application for Productivity

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Frequently asked questions

Need help?

If AppBlock doesn´t work properly, you can follow these instructions we prepared HERE

Yes, you can! You can easily set the location where you want to block the apps. Either directly based on the location or it's inverse- for example any time you are not at home. 

Just create a new profile and select "Location" as your blockig condition to set it up. 

You can select a time limit for using applications each day when a particular profile is activated. For example only 20 minutes of Facebook during working time or at school.

How to set it up?
1) Create a new profile
2) As your first blocking condition, select time and specify your working time- or other time you want to limit your device usage
3) At the top right corner press "Add +" and select usage limit- select how you can use the apps for. 
4) Continue the profile setup by selecting the blocked apps and a profile name before pressing create and activating it. 

Just attaching your charger is not enough. With the charger attached, you must go into the locked profile's detail page and press the little lock on the top right hand corner to unlock the profile. 

Occasionally, the profile cannot be unlocked even if the charger is connected. Try to reconnect the charger with the locked profile detail screen open and wait for a while, then try to unlock it again.

You cannot use the charger to unlock a profile which is locked for a set time. In this case, please wait for the timer to run out.

Of course you can. You have two locking options:
1) until a specific time (Time Lock)
2) until connecting a charger. (Charger Lock)

To set up, go into the profile details screen, press the lock icon on the top right corner and select your preferred locking option.

Yes, you can do so through the menu on the top right corner in the profile detail screen. Simply press on the 3 dots and select "Copy". 

Yes this is possible, but you must be signed in to Google Play using the same Google account on both devices.

Yes, basic AppBlock is free but has some limitations (number of profiles and so on). If you are happy with the app, you can purchase PRO version which has more features. Premium has no limitations nor ads.

Check out the Premium section of the app for details and pricing in your region.

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