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Unlock your focus with AppBlock. Elevate your digital well-being and productivity.

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Save up to 3 hours a day.

Do you often find yourself with your head down, lost in mindless scrolling? Managing screen time with AppBlock enhances focus and boosts productivity, yielding significant benefits.

Better focus
Better focus
Improved sleep
Improved sleep
Meaningful relationships
Meaningful relationships
Mental strength
Mental strength
5h 58m
1h 47m

Redefine your smartphone habits.

Even a small step every day is a leap towards mastering your screen time. Gain immediate control by blocking your first distracting app. Embark on a journey to reclaim your digital space, enhancing focus and well-being with each app you manage.

All-day scheduled.
For all the things you
want to keep doing.


Schedule your blocking around your time, location, or set daily usage limits. Users who use schedules can reach their goal more effectively. Once configured, they’ll run automatically.

Blocking that cannot be easily bypassed.

Struggling with snoozing screen time alerts? AppBlock’s Strict Mode ensures your apps and websites stay blocked, helping you commit to your digital limits.

of our customers can't imagine their life without Strict Mode.
less screen time in the first month with Strict Mode.
– According to AppBlock questionnaire

A powerful
move forward.

Break the habit of constant phone checking.
Overcome doomscrolling.
Master your focus and minimize distractions.
Reclaim your free time.
Embrace a balanced digital life.


Our users truly appreciate the benefits that AppBlock brings them. Start your journey and empower your life.

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“I think we have a habit of opening phone and tap on Instagram because you’re waiting for the elevator or you’re waiting for coffee and it’s natural thing to do. So AppBlock is help me a lot.”

Marianna Hewitt Marianna Hewitt on 9 to 5 with theSkimm podcast

AppBlock has quite literally changed my life! I have: Regained my focus, Built a workout routine, Read 13 books in 3 months, Reached new career milestones, Ditched the dopamine 1st routine. All thanks to the gift of this app, and its iron-clad Strict Mode.

Shavy Jaine direct message on LinkedIn

Really helps me study and stay active I love this app Whoever is seeing my message install the app now its very useful for me to stay active Bye 😁

Jokha Al Zakwani 5 star review on Google Play

Really amazing app to help eliminate distractions for people living w/ADHD, as we’re especially vulnerable to technology addiction & the dopamine-inducing tactics of Big Tech

J.J. 5 star review on AppStore
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