AppBlock is temporarily unavailable on Google Play

AppBlock is temporarily unavailable on Google Play

We’re an app that is helping people around the whole world fight phone addiction, people with ADHD and teaching people use their phone in a way that deserves its purpose and not to procrastinate.

Unfortunately, we’re struggling with the fact, that Google, out of nowhere, deleted our application from the Google Play Store – without any reasonable explanation as to why this happened. This may result in, among others, the inability to find us on the Play Store and buy Premium products. We are 100% sure that we are not violating the regulations, rules and policies that Google requires. We have taken all the precautions that Google has required in the past so that we can offer our app in accordance with the changes in the Google Play policies.

We have appealed to Google Play, stating that we are not aware of a single misconduct. However, Google’s reactions to such appeals can take up to 7 days. Thus, we fear not only for the existence of the app but also for the health of the users that AppBlock helps every day. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience, but all we can do now is wait, and hopefully, we will be back up soon!

Update: We are back in Google Play store

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