How to make Usage Limit Schedule

Want to limit your usage of an app? Create a schedule limiting how much you can use an app each hour or day.

  • Go to the Blocking tab. In the Schedules section, tap + Add to create a new Schedule.
  • Select Usage limit as your blocking condition.
  • Select Daily or Hourly usage limit.
  • Set the limit by typing it using the numbers or by tapping the +1h (hour) and +1m (minute) buttons.
  • Save.
  • Select the apps and websites you want to block, what is blocked and name your schedule.
  • Tap Create.

Note: Schedules are activated automatically after creating them. You do not have to enable them manually after setting them up.

Note: In AppBlock versions 5.X, Schedules are found in the menu on the left > Schedules.

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