Parents’ Guide to Supporting Children’s Digital Health as They Head Back to School

Parents’ Guide to Supporting Children’s Digital Health as They Head Back to School

The rise of technology has led to students being more plugged in than ever before. While this digital age brings numerous educational opportunities, it also presents challenges for young people in managing their screen time. As kids head back to school, it’s crucial for parents to ensure that their children maintain a healthy relationship with their screens. Here’s a guide on how you can use AppBlock and other methods to strike that balance.

1. Introducing AppBlock: Screen Time Managed Right

Before diving into general tips, let’s discuss the primary tool that can make a difference in your child’s digital health – AppBlock.

Why AppBlock for Young Students?

  • Scheduled Restrictions: Parents can set up block sessions during homework or bedtime to prevent distractions from social media and games.
  • Track Screen Time: Get insights into how much time your child spends on specific apps, helping you address potential areas of concern.
  • Customize for Individual Needs: Every child is different. Customize AppBlock settings based on your child’s unique needs.

2. Establish Clear Digital Boundaries

Begin the school year by setting clear expectations about device usage. Designate tech-free zones at home, such as the dining room, to encourage face-to-face interactions.

3. Educate about Digital Wellness

Rather than just imposing restrictions, educate your children about the importance of digital wellbeing. Discuss the potential impacts of excessive screen time on their health, sleep, and studies.

4. Create a Digital Curfew

Establish a specific time each evening when all devices need to be turned off. This not only ensures uninterrupted sleep but also helps in winding down without screens.

5. Lead by Example

Children often mirror their parents’ behavior. Make an effort to reduce your screen time, particularly during family moments, to set the right example.

6. Encourage Physical Activities

Promote a balanced lifestyle by encouraging physical activities. Whether it’s a sport, dance, or simple outdoor play, ensure your child takes regular breaks from screens.

7. Plan Tech-Free Family Days

Once a month or even once a week, plan activities that don’t involve screens. Board games, picnics, or nature walks are great options.

8. Engage in Their Digital World

Instead of being an observer, be a part of your child’s digital world. Play video games with them occasionally or watch their favorite YouTube channels. It not only strengthens your bond but also gives you insight into their online interests.

9. Periodic Reviews

Sit with your child and review their screen time stats regularly. Praise them for their good habits and discuss areas for improvement.

10. Explore Other Digital Wellbeing Tools

While AppBlock is a fantastic tool, don’t shy away from exploring other digital wellness apps. Parental control apps or educational apps can also contribute to a balanced digital diet.


As we navigate this digital era, it’s essential to prioritize our children’s online health. Tools like AppBlock, coupled with mindful parenting strategies, can ensure your child has a fruitful and balanced academic year, both online and offline.

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