How to combine Schedule conditions

Do you want to have a different usage limit on weekends than weekdays? Or combine any other schedule conditions together? You can!

  • Go to the Blocking tab. In the Schedules section, tap + Add to create a new schedule.
  • Select your first blocking condition, for example, Time.
  • Set it up as you wish and tap Save.
  • Next to step 1, you will now see a little “+Add” button. Tap it.
  • Select your second condition, for example Usage limit, set up and save.
  • Repeat until you have all the conditions you want to combine.
  • Select the apps and websites you want to block and continue as usual.

For example, to give yourself different usage limit for different days, you may create two schedules:
“Weekends” with usage limit: 4h/day + Time: weekends.
“Weekdays” with usage limit: 1h/day + Time: weekdays.

Note: Combining conditions inside one schedule leads to the schedule being active when ALL conditions are active. If it is the weekend AND you hit the 4h/day limit, the schedule will be blocked.

Creating several schedules results in OR relationships meaning that if you want to block several apps/websites with different conditions, you can place them in separate schedules.

Note: In AppBlock versions 5.X, Schedules are found in the menu on the left > Schedules.

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