How to focus during study

How to focus during study

Focus during lecture

If you have trouble staying focused during a lecture you may want to consider doing something with your hands that will occupy you enough to still listen to the lecturer whilst it will help you not to get distracted by all things around you. 

Some people suffering from ADHD find themselves drawing during lectures, or doing some handicrafts like knitting. The important thing here is to be transparent with your lecturers so make sure you explain to them that you mean no disrespect.

Note-taking without distractions

If you try to make notes during the lecture but find yourself constantly switching to apps or browsing websites, try blocking them. If you use smart devices our AppBlock has features specifically designed to block selected apps for designated time or space which can be pre-scheduled so you don’t have to worry about setting it up before every class. You can also try switching back to the classic paper notepads. 

Customise the way you study

If you struggle with studying for tests and exams you’ll have to learn how to work with the space around you and the time you designate for each task/topic. Finding what is working for you may take some time. If you find the surroundings of your room distracting, try booking yourself a space in the library’s quiet section, or simply any library spot you find available. If it’s the opposite, and the quietness of the space distracts you, try a coffee house with plenty of white noise, but not so loud enough that it may overwhelm you. 

If you can’t keep still studying from notes or a textbook you can record your notes and listen to them on your daily commute or while having a walk outdoors and even during a workout. Some libraries even offer audio versions of textbooks on demand. Many lectures are currently also published online.

For better time management you may want to consider pomodoro technique which is time-sensitive so it can make you prioritise some of your tasks/class materials or use it as a baseline to create a technique that prioritises your needs. 

Healthy body, healthy mind

These are super basic pieces of advice but many people forget to eat, drink, and sleep properly since sometimes the studying can get intense and you can forget how quickly the time flies by. If you find yourself forgetting about your basic human needs, don’t feel silly about setting reminders about drinking water or having a break. Make sure you are also getting enough sleep, as lack of sleep can affect your memory.

Fight procrastination

The easiest way to avoid procrastination is to find a study partner with whom you can plan your study sessions ahead of examinations. This way you will always have someone to rely on, who also shares the same goal as you. You can also practise Q&A’s together, compare notes, and check on your progress. 

Don’t have a study partner? AppBlock will help you to stay focused

If you don’t have anyone available to study with, partner up with our app. You can create a specific study schedule for the whole day using Scheduled Blocking to block unwanted apps or use the Quick Block feature if you want to do shorter study sprints or you are not that great at planning.

AppBlock will support you to keep your focus. And if you don’t trust yourself enough there is a special feature for you called Strict Mode, that will take care of your temptations to break any blocks, since you will not be able to bypass it for the chosen time. 

Dive deeper into each topic in our app

If you want to get yourself more information about the topic that you struggle the most with you can find classes on Better Time-Management, Better Focus, Better Motivation or Better Sleep “Academy”. 

Good luck from the AppBlock Team!

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