How to make an Inverse Location Schedule

Do you want to stop yourself from checking on work apps when out of work? The following steps will help you set it up!

  • Go to the Blocking tab. In the Schedules section, tap +Add to create a new schedule.
    As the blocking condition, select Location.

If you have never made a location schedule before, you will now be asked for the missing permissions. Follow the written instructions to grant them.

  • Look on the map and find the location where you want to use the apps, for example, your work. Use two fingers to zoom in and out. One to move and tap to select the location. At the top, you can check the address to ensure you are in the right spot. Alternatively, starting from AppBlock version 5.18, you may now type the wanted address.
  • Toggle inverse radius. The whole map except for the selected location will now be red. Apps will be blocked in all the red regions.
  • Adjust the radius if necessary.
  • Save.
  • Select the apps and websites you want to block, select what you want to block, name your schedule and create.

Optional: If you want the location schedule to remain active when location services are unavailable, you may set this in the AppBlock settings, More > Settings > Toggle the switch When Location unavailable on.

Note: The schedule will activate automatically when the condition is fulfilled. You do not need to manually activate it. It can however take a couple of minutes for AppBlock to receive your location and start the blocking.

Note: In AppBlock versions 5.X, Schedules and Settings are found in the menu on the left.

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